Best Affordable Massage Schools in California

Massage therapy is one of the fastest-growing career fields in America. In the state of California, the industry is expected to grow at a pace of nearly 25% in the next ten years, much faster than the national average for other career paths. Those interested in a job helping others to heal and maintain their overall wellbeing would do well to consider it, especially if they call the west coast home.

Prohibitive Price Tag? Maybe Not!

One factor that keeps many prospective students from pursuing a career in massage therapy is the cost of schooling. After all, healing fields require medical school, don’t they? Not so, in the case of massage. With only two years of formal education, you can be well on your way to a lifetime of helping through hands-on healing. Even in major American cities, there are great educational options at manageable prices. Let’s look at California as an example, and have a closer look at some affordable massage schools in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

Off to School: Living the LA Life at an Affordable Price

Three top-rated and affordable schools for massage therapy offering two-year degrees are:

  • Monterey Peninsula College located in Monterey, California. This school offers in-state tuition of just over $1,000 per year, a major savings over the state and national average. This does not, however, factor in books, supplies, accommodations or food. These expenses put Monterey Peninsula over the $20,000 mark per year, which is still well under the national and state average.
  • De Anza College located in Cupertino, California. Going to school here will cost you less than $1.5 thousand a year if you live in state, not including non-tuition expenses. As the school does not offer on-campus housing, students have one less expense to consider when choosing this location.
  • Southern California University of Health Services. Attending this university to complete the massage therapy certificate program will cost you $7,000. It is a single term course without any extra fees added to its tuition with the exception of a $150 graduation fee for a total cost of $7,150.

With these great and varied options, it’s hard to choose just one. There are elements of each school’s programs that are best suited for each individual who considers them, and research is advisable for those looking for their perfect match. However, it’s just as hard to go wrong with a California education in massage therapy, as the state contains some of the top schools nationwide in the field.

Of course, affordability is not the only factor to consider when selecting your dream school. You should also look for an institution that provides students with the highest possible quality of education and hands-on training in real-world settings. This level of experience can only be obtained in the best schools, and is more than worth investing in. Still, if you’re looking to save money on your education and move forward with an exciting and rewarding career like massage therapy, there are plenty of affordable massage schools in Los Angeles and the entire state of California, perfect for making your dreams come true!

Best Affordable Massage Schools in California

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